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Emmy-winning filmmaker Stephanie Castillo had a great response to her progress with Thomas Chapin, Night Bird Song in August when she showed a sneak peek of the film edited so far at the Litchfield Jazz Festival and Jazz Camp.

Stephanie is now within sight of completing the film after 4 years of diligent work.



$65,000 is urgently needed to burnish and complete the film at a post-production house and to begin the marketing for a showcase. Of that, $30,000 is for the cost of 6 weeks at a post-production house planned for December. Another $35,000 is needed for rights and acquisition for music and visual rights, starting the marketing, post-production supervisor fee, and other misc. post production fees.


A tax write-off is available for all donations. Thomas’s legacy nonprofit, Akasha Inc. (a 503 c3), will receive the donation via PayPal when you click on the DONATE WITH PAYPAL button above.

If you prefer to send a donation via check or money order for U.S. dollars only, we welcome and thank you! Make it out to “Akasha, Inc.,” include your name, address and phone number, and send to:

Akasha Inc.
P.O. Box 721032
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

All donations big and small will push us closer to completion.


A film credit will be given to all donors:

  • Thank You credit for gifts under $5,000
  • Special Underwriter credit for $5000 to $9,999
  • Associate Producer credit for $10,000 and above
  • Executive Producer credit (for bringing big money to the film) for $50,000-plus.

Please let Stephanie Castillo know if she should make a phone call to you to speak further about this urgent request. She would be very happy to do that. Please write to her at

For updates on the film’s progress and additional info about Emmy-winning film director Stephanie J. Castillo and Night Bird Song: The Thomas Chapin Story , please visit

Facebook updates are available at the film’s fan page.

Photo by Alex Lopez

All donations for Akasha, Inc. & Thomas Chapin’s legacy are presently earmarked to support the completion of the film.


Thank You!

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