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Special Donation Program

A limited supply of out-of-print CD gifts are available for more generous contributions to Akasha, Inc. toward preserving the music legacy of Thomas Chapin.

$100 and up tax-deductible donations for the CD Night Bird Song, along with a website acknowledgement listing you as an Akasha donor.
$200 and up tax-deductible donations for the 8-CD boxed set Alive, along with a website acknowledgement listing you as an Akasha patron.

Click the button above to make a donation securely through PayPal. Your donation may be for the CD gift item(s) that are for donations strictly for Akasha, Inc. and the continuing support for the legacy of Thomas Chapin.

*In addition, ongoing FILM donations for NIGHT BIRD SONG: The Thomas Chapin Story can be made right here at the website’s donation button as well.

The film will be directed by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Stephanie J. Castillo who with success at the Kickstarter campaign for the film which ended reaching its goal of $50,000 on Saturday, March 30, 2013, will begin filming this summer with hopes of completing the film in 2014/2015. As everyone knows, films are expensive to make and every help and offering is welcomed to move forward.

Special: For a limited time, those who wish to donate $250 and above, may receive the 3-CD live quartet recording, NEVER LET ME GO. (See section: Articles/ CD Review to read about it.) Thank you if you wish to make your contribution to Akasha, Inc. and/or for the film, you can do it here now:

Click on “Make a Donation” link above. You will be taken to PayPal’s site, but don’t worry – you don’t need a PayPal account to donate, and you will be returned to this site when you’re finished.

CLICK HERE to view the 15-minute film trailer at the KICKSTARTER page

A new, professional trailer is in the making and will be posted—stay tuned!

If you prefer to send a donation via check or money order for U.S. dollars only, we welcome and thank you! Make it out to “Akasha, Inc.,” include your name, address and phone number, and send to:

Akasha Inc.
P.O. Box 721032
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Explain if you are making a donation for Akasha, Inc., the non-profit legacy for Thomas Chapin, or if you are making a donation for the film, _NIGHT BIRD SONG: The Thomas Chapin Story.

**Paypal or check payments for CD gifts, please add if you can, additional $7 (U.S.) or $15 (International) for packaging/postage and handling of CDs. Once again specify if your check or money order donation is for Thomas legacy work, Akasha, Inc., or for the film project NIGHT BIRD SONG. We welcome and appreciate either or both. Thank you!

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of CD gifts.

CLICK HERE to view the film trailer at the KICKSTARTER page

For updates on the film’s progress and additional info about Emmy-winning film director Stephanie J. Castillo and Night Bird Song: The Thomas Chapin Story , please visit

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