1. One Man Blues 6:54

  2. Radius 6:32

  3. Forgotten Game 11:15

  4. Jitterbug Waltz (F. Waller) 8:17

  5. Egg Hunt 11:51

  6. A January Tear 5:36

Recording Information

  • Ray Drummond - Bass

  • Thomas Chapin - Saxophone, Flute

  • John Betsch - Drums

  • Ronnie Matthews - Piano


  • Sam Turner - Congas)

  • Ara Djinkian Oud

MU Works 1990


This first release by Chapin's Radius Quartet burns throughout its 50-minute duration. Backed by stellar players such as bassist Ray Drummond, pianist Ronnie Mathews and drummer John Betsch, Chapin delivers an invigorating, strong, straight-ahead program. Chapin brings all his musical experience--he was the music director of Lionel Hampton's Big Band from '81-'86, as well as collaborating with Chico Hamilton, cellist Jane Scarpatoni, bluesman "Gatemouth" Brown, to name a few--into clear focus. all tunes were composed by Chapin with the exception of his eloquent rendition of Fats Waller's "Jitterbug Waltz." Chapin, aside from having an astonishing command of both flute and alto saxophone, also possesses an individual voice on both instruments, a commendable trait these days, especially when many young player seem to disregard the virtues of developing one's own sound. The ever-so-underrated bassist, Ray Drummond, shines throughout Radius; also pianist Ronnie Mathews.

CMJ New Music Report,
Writer Unknown,
Volume 24, No. 7, Issue #210,
October, 1990