Akasha, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to education through the preservation and advancement of the Thomas Chapin Music Legacy.

As with many of the other masters who died so young – John Coltrane (40), Eric Dolphy (36), Charlie Parker (35), Clifford Brown (25) – Thomas' legend has grown since his departure and will continue to grow. And as with them, the unanswered questions of what might have been are answered in part by the extraordinary body of work, much of it still unpublished, that he left behind. Thomas produced more than a dozen albums over the last 10 years of his life, but there are numerous unpublished recordings and unrecorded compositions from this period that, if made available to the public, will help extend his remarkable legacy to future generations of musicians and listeners.

All of these materials have been collected under the auspices of Akasha, Inc., established by his widow Terri Castillo-Chapin. Terri and a good number of other similarly dedicated musicians, professionals, family and friends are working together to produce and release these works for public availability, and keep Thomas' indomitable spirit alive. 

Already Akasha has placed Thomas' archives with the Duke University Special Collections Library, has re-acquired all of his Knitting Factory recordings, has created this website, has released in 1999 an 8-CD boxed set of his Knitting Factory years with the Trio, called "Alive," and also released in 2006, “Ride” a CD of a live Trio performance from North Sea Jazz Festival, 1995 - said by many to be one of his finest performances. In 2012, a stunning 3-CD set of late quartet music was released, Never Let Me Go, with a lengthy Wall Street Journal review by Larry Blumenfeld.

Akasha is currently compiling and collecting various film and audio materials of Thomas, his performances and/or interviews, as well as related historical and biographical items. Akasha is also preparing to release all of sheet music and scores of his extended compositions for larger ensembles. 

Akasha is also seeking other recordings, in audio, film, video and digital, as well as other miscellaneous materials in other formats, that may have been made of his fine performances by fans or presenters. Akasha welcomes response from the music community of any documented materials to be donated to his Legacy library and Duke archives. Please contact us at akasha.chapin@gmail.com.


"Akasha" is a Sanskrit word meaning Primary Substance out of which all things are formed. It is the first stage of crystallization of spirit. This Akasha, or Primary Substance, is of exquisite fineness and is so sensitive that the slightest vibration of an ether any place in the universe registers an indelible impression upon it. The method used to access it is a holy prayer.

A tax-deductible contribution toward the effort of preserving and maintaining Thomas Chapin's music legacy and keeping his music alive, are welcomed and can be made online with the button below, or by sending a check or money order (U.S. dollars only accepted) made out to "Akasha, Inc." For mailing address to use, contact us at akasha.chapin@gmail.com.