I always try to remember and remind all of us that the music exists because we love it, not because there’s any commercial basis for it… It needs everything we can give it.
— Thomas Chapin

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A resource for musicians wishing to study and play Thomas Chapin’s music, an archive of leadsheets and scores are available for you to help in keeping the musical legacy alive.


Night Bird Song

Feature length documentary by filmmaker Stephanie Castillo.

The film’s title, NIGHT BIRD SONG, is from a Thomas Chapin Trio signature tune inspired by the striking melodic turns of a bird’s song that Chapin heard while on a midnight walk. The title evokes the arc in his music career that reveals he was solidly rooted in tradition yet straining its boundaries at every turn.  Jazz critic Larry Blumenfeld said "the arc corresponded less to common categories of 'downtown,' 'mainstream' and more to the flight paths of birds Chapin seemed to favor in song titles. With grace and individuality, Chapin took us to places—lofty and striking and sometimes dangerous—that forced a change of perspective."  The film will take us to some of these places.