Spirits Rebellious


This was post-Lionel Hampton and pre-Trio music (1985-89) that represents Thomas' love of South American/Brazilian/Afro Cuban rhythms. He had traveled to South America with Lionel Hampton and later made solo trips to Caracas, Venezuela and Costa Rica at the time of these compositions. He was heavily influences by his hero-inspirer, the great genius Brazilian musician, Hermeto Pascoal. "Rain" is a loving homage to Pascoal and carries some riffs of a famous tune of his. The beautiful and rare pan flute playing by Thomas is heard in several selections, but esp. beautiful is the playing in "Circles." (You may hear this at youtube under "Thomas Chapin, Circles.") Rollicking, pounding Brazil rhythms and drumming can be heard on Spirits Rebellious and Squid Fantasy (which includes Thomas' notorious wicked laugh at the end!). This music was very special to Thomas' heart and represents a romantic piece of him and a deep love for the the indigenous and folk music of these countries which inspired him greatly. The Spirits Rebellious group played live at clubs and outdoor concerts for about two years before the Trio took off and occupied Thomas for the next 8 years of his life. Unfortunately this was only released in record and tape cassette only because it was released on the cusp of the arrival of CDs into our world. But we have it thanks to Mario Pavone (Thomas' long-time drummer and music compatriot) and his label, Alacra Records.

  • Thomas Chapin - flute, alto flute, bass flute, alto sax, pan flute, quena, keyboards, bass drum, triangle, hula sticks, whistles, voice, electronic drums (B1 and B2)

  • Saul Rubin - acoustic and electric guitars

  • Thad Wheeler - conga, snare drum, rocks, bells, voice

  • Francesca Vanasco - cello

  • Geoffrey Gordon - tablas

Side A

Spirits Rebellious 5:58
Rain 3:02
Uroboros 2.32
(The Snake with its Tail in its Mouth)
Circles 9:05

Side B

Guarana 6:16
Spinning 5:19
Squid Fantasy 5:45
Alborada 5:09
(The Opening of a Rose)

All compositions by Thomas Chapin (c) 1998. Peace Park Publishing - BMI

Recorded June, 1988 by David Katz (Sluggo Sound), NYC, except B1 and B2, recorded by Thomas Chapin.

Produced by* - Michael Duva, Jr., Luis Pena and Thomas Chapin

Album Coordinator* - Mario Pavone

Cover Design* - Christina Lopes

Back Cover Photo* - Robert Chasin

(c) (R) ALACRA RECORDS, 1988

Many thanks go to the producers, who brought this project to fruition. I would also like to acknowledge Maria Pavone, Terri Castillo, my parents and untold others for their support and belief in me and the music. Praise the Creator from whom all blessings flow!

This album is dedicated to all Listeners.

--Thomas Chapin