LIVE! on Tour



This CD was released as a bonus CD only on the Thomas Chapin: ALIVE Boxed Set of 8 CDs of the Trio, Knitting Factory Years (1999). LIVE! On Tour has never been released as a single CD. It is, however, available for download on various music sites, including iTunes.

This was a live trio recording with bassist Mario Pavone and drummer Mike Sarin on March 4, 1992 at UC-Davis as part of U.S.A. Knitting Factory Tour.

The performance was incredibly intense and memorable for Thomas Chapin who recalled that it was an optimum and magical playing environment because the musicians and the audience were on the same level--the floor of the club (versus a raised stage). It did something to the communication for him. Thomas considered this one of his "great" live performances.

At the end of the energetic performance, Thomas was "blissed out" and the audience members were fortunate to witness this special evening where "it" all came together.

After the set and while packing up, Thomas recalled that he could not find the keys to his borrowed car. He went beserk trying to find the keys, turning everything upside down. It aggravated him to no end, and he lost the sublime ecstasy of the evening's extraordinary performance. (Perhaps the gods were jealous!) The keys were eventually found. The car belonged to his brother Ted who lived in nearby San Francisco.

Nevertheless, Thomas Chapin always had a glow when he talked about that memorable UC-Davis performance.


  1. Intro 0:45

  2. Anima 14:29

  3. Hat and Shoes 8:24

  4. Ahab's Leg 16:02

  5. Iddly 10:33


Thomas Chapin, alto saxophone & flute
Mario Pavone, bass
Michael Sarin, drums

Dedicated to the faithful fans of Thomas Chapin.

Produced by Terri Castillo-Chapin

Recorded live at UC-Davis by Mario Pavone, March 4, 1992, during Knitting Factory USA Tour.

Final Production by Robert Musso

Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper for Turtle Tone Studios

Released in 1999 as part of ALIVE!, the boxed set of 8 CDs of the Thomas Chapin Trio.

All compositions and arrangements by Thomas Chapin (c) Peace Park Publishing.

LIVE! ON TOUR is the property of Akasha, Inc.