As leader

Never Let Me Go

Thomas Chapin Quartets '95 and '96

(2012) Playscape Recordings (3-CD Release)
'95 at Flushing Town Hall w/ Peter Madsen, Kiyoto Fujiwara & Reggie Nicholson, and '96 at Knitting Factory w/ Peter Madsen, Scott Colley & Matt Wilson.


Thomas Chapin Trio at North Sea Jazz Festival '95

(2006) Playscape Recordings
w/Mario Pavone and Michael Sarin

Crossing Points

Thomas Chapin, William Hooker
(2011) NoBusiness Records


Thomas Chapin Trio, Thomas Chapin Trio Plus Brass, Thomas Chapin Trio Plus Strings
(1999) Akasha Records

*Contains: Live! On Tour, Night Bird Song, Sky Piece, Haywire, Managerie Dreams, Insomnia, Anima, and Third Force

Live! On Tour*

Thomas Chapin Trio at UC-Davis '92

(1999) Akasha Records*
included as "bonus CD" in Alive boxed set w/Pavone & Sarin

Night Bird Song*

Thomas Chapin Trio
(1998) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone & Sarin

Sky Piece*

Thomas Chapin Trio
(1998) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone & Sarin


Thomas Chapin Trio Plus Strings

(1996) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone, Sarin, Mark Feldman, Boris Rayskin, Kyoto Fujiwara

You Don't Know Me

Thomas Chapin Quintet
(1995) Arabesque Jazz
w/ Tom Harrell, Kiyoto Fujiwara, Peter Madsen and Reggie Nicholson

Menagerie Dreams*

Thomas Chapin Trio
(1994) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone & Sarin, featuring John Zorn & poet Vern Frazier

I've Got Your Number

Thomas Chapin Quartet
(1993) Arabesque Jazz
w/ Ronnie Mathews, Ray Drummond, Steve Johns


Thomas Chapin Trio Plus Brass
(1993) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone, Sarin, Al Bryant, Frank London, Curtis Fowlkes, Peter McEchearn, Marcus Rojas, Ray Stewart


Thomas Chapin Trio
(1992) Akasha Records
with Mario Pavone & Michael Sarin

Third Force*

Thomas Chapin Trio
(1991) Akasha Records
w/Mario Pavone & Steve Johns

* all recordings with an asterisk are included the Alive! boxset.


(1990) MU Works
w/Ronnie Mathews (piano), Ray Drummond (bass), John Betsch (drums) , with Sam Turner (congas), Ara Djinkian (oud)

Spirits Rebellious

(1988) Alacra Records
(ensemble) w/Arthur Kell (bass), Saul Rubin (guitar), Thad Wheeler (drums), Francesca Wheeler (cello), Geoffrey Gordon (percussion)

Bell of the Heart

(1981) Alacra Records

as featured artist

w/ Lionel Hampton

Air Mail Special (1991) ITM
Ambassador at Large (1990) Glad Hamp
Made in Japan (1990) Timeless, Glad Hamp, King
One of a Kind (1989) Glad Hamp
Sentimental Journey (1986) Atlantic

w/ Ray Drummond

untitled (1994) Arabesque Jazz

w/ Ned Rothenberg

Live at Moers Jazz Festival (1991) Moers
Overlays (1992) Moers Music
Real and Imagined Time (1995) Moers Music

w/ Mario Pavone

Song For (1994) New World
Toulon Days (1992) New World
Sharpeville (1989) Playscape Recordings - originally released on Alacra


w/ Anthony Braxton - Mario Pavone Quintet

Seven Standards (1995) Knitting Factory Works


w/ Michael Musillami

Glass Art (1993) Evidence
The Young Child (1992) Stash
Archives (1992) originally released by Stash Records as The Young Child, reissued as Archives on Playscape Recordings (2000)
Mars Bars (1994) originally released by Evidence Music as Glassart, reissued as Mars Bars on Playscape Recordings (2000)
Groove Teacher (1999) an original Playscape Recordings release

w/ Peter McEachern

Shockwave (2011) Peter McEachern

w/ Motation

Motation Live at the Hillside (1989) Alacra


w/ Vernon Frazer

Song of Baobab (1997) VFCI 

w/ Robert Musso

Active Resonance (1991) MU Records

w/ Monie Love

Down to Earth (saxophone soloist) (1990) Warner Bros.

w/ Barbara Dennerlein

Junkanoo (1997) Verve

w/ Kiyoto Fujiwara

60 Miles High (1993) TDK (Japan)

w/ Pablo Aslan & AvantTango

Avantango (1995) EPSA Music

w/ David Lahm

Muscle Memory Hoedown (1992) Generation
Jazz Takes Out Joni Mitchell (1998) Generation


w/ John McCracken & Outloud

Blood From a Tone (1992) MU Works

w/ Michael Blake

Kingdom of Champa (1997) (Intuition)

w/ Peggy Stern

Fuschia (1995) Koch Jazz

w/ Armen Donelian

Quartet Language (2003) Playscape Recordings

w/ Misako Kano

Breakthrew (1996) King Records (Japan)
Watch Out (1998) Knitting Factory Records

w/ Corina Bartra

Travelogue (1991) Blue Spiral


The Knitting Factory Goes to Vassar (1992) Knitting Factory Works
What is Jazz? (1991) Knitting Factory Works
Knitting Factory Tour of Europe (1991) Knitting Factory Works
"Live" Vol. III (1990) A&M Records

  • Thomas Chapin Trio - "Insomnia" 

"Live" Vol. IV (1990) A&M Records

  • w/Ned Rothenberg Double Band


w/ Borah Bergman

Inversions (1992) MU Works
Toronto 1997 (2003) Boxholder Records

free group

w/ Machine Gun

Pass the Ammo (1992) MU Works
Open Fire (1989) MU Works
Machine Gun (1988) MU Works
Real Estate - New Music from NYC (compilation) (1990) Ear-rational Records