(1992) Akasha Records
included in Alive boxed set

With Mario Pavone & Michael Sarin

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As leader

Never Let Me Go

Thomas Chapin Quartets '95 and '96

(2012) Playscape Recordings (3-CD Release)
'95 at Flushing Town Hall w/ Peter Madsen, Kiyoto Fujiwara & Reggie Nicholson, and '96 at Knitting Factory w/ Peter Madsen, Scott Colley & Matt Wilson


Thomas Chapin Trio at North Sea Jazz Festival '95

(2006) Playscape Recordings
w/Mario Pavone and Michael Sarin

Live! On Tour

Thomas Chapin Trio at UC-Davis '92

(1999) Akasha Records
included as "bonus CD" in Alive boxed set w/Pavone & Sarin


Thomas Chapin Trio, Thomas Chapin Trio Plus Brass, Thomas Chapin Trio Plus Strings

(1999) Akasha Records* (8 CD boxed set)

Night Bird Song

Thomas Chapin Trio

(1998) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone & Sarin

Sky Piece

Thomas Chapin Trio

(1998) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone & Sarin


Thomas Chapin Trio Plus Strings

(1996) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone, Sarin, Mark Feldman, Boris Rayskin, Kyoto Fujiwara

You Don't Know Me

Thomas Chapin Quintet

(1995) Arabesque Jazz
w/ Tom Harrell, Kiyoto Fujiwara, Peter Madsen and Reggie Nicholson

Menagerie Dreams

Thomas Chapin Trio

(1994) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone & Sarin, featuring John Zorn & poet Vern Frazier

I've Got Your Number

Thomas Chapin Quartet

(1993) Arabesque Jazz
w/ Ronnie Mathews, Ray Drummond, Steve Johns


Thomas Chapin Trio Plus Brass

(1993) Akasha Records
w/ Pavone, Sarin, Al Bryant, Frank London, Curtis Fowlkes, Peter McEchearn, Marcus Rojas, Ray Stewart

*_Anima_* (1992) Akasha Records*

Thomas Chapin Trio (w/Pavone, Sarin & Steve Johns)

*_Third Force_* (1991) Akasha Records*

Thomas Chapin Trio (w/Pavone & Steve Johns)

*_Radius_* (1990) MU Works

(quartet) w/Ronnie Mathews (piano), Ray Drummond (bass), John Betsch (drums) , with Sam Turner (congas), Ara Djinkian (oud)

*_Spirits Rebellious_* (1988) Alacra Records

(ensemble) w/Arthur Kell (bass), Saul Rubin (guitar), Thad Wheeler (drums), Francesca Wheeler (cello), Geoffrey Gordon (percussion)

*_Bell of the Heart_* (1981) Alacra Records

as featured artist

w/ Lionel Hampton

Air Mail Special (1991) ITM
Ambassador at Large (1990) Glad Hamp
Made in Japan (1990) Timeless, Glad Hamp, King
One of a Kind (1989) Glad Hamp
Sentimental Journey (1986) Atlantic

w/ Ray Drummond

untitled (1994) Arabesque Jazz

w/ Ned Rothenberg

Live at Moers Jazz Festival (1991) Moers
Overlays (1992) Moers Music
Real and Imagined Time (1995) Moers Music

w/ *Mario Pavone*

_Song For_ (1994) New World

_Toulon Days_ (1992) New World

_Sharpeville_ (1989) Playscape Recordings - originally released on Alacra


w/ *Anthony Braxton - Mario Pavone Quintet*

_Seven Standards_ (1995) Knitting Factory Works


w/ *Michael Musillami*

_Glass Art_ (1993) Evidence

_The Young Child_ (1992) Stash

_Archives_ (1992) originally released by Stash Records as _The Young Child_, reissued as _Archives_ on Playscape Recordings (2000)

_Mars Bars_ (1994) originally released by Evidence Music as _Glassart_, reissued as _Mars Bars_ on Playscape Recordings (2000)

_Groove Teacher_ (1999) an original Playscape Recordings release


w/ *Peter McEachern*

_Shockwave_(2011) Peter McEachern


w/ *Motation*

_Motation Live at the Hillside_ (1989) Alacra


w/ *Vernon Frazer*

_Song of Baobab_ (1997) VFCI


w/ *Robert Musso*

_Active Resonance_ (1991) MU Records


w/ *Monie Love*

_Down to Earth_ (saxophone soloist) (1990) Warner Bros.


w/ *Barbara Dennerlein*

_Junkanoo_ (1997) Verve


w/ *Kiyoto Fujiwara*

_60 Miles High_ (1993) TDK (Japan)


w/ *Pablo Aslan & AvantTango*

_Avantango_ (1995) EPSA Music


w/ *David Lahm*

_Muscle Memory Hoedown_ (1992) Generation

_Jazz Takes Out Joni Mitchell_ (1998) Generation


w/ *John McCracken & Outloud*

_Blood From a Tone_ (1992) MU Works


w/ *Michael Blake*

_Kingdom of Champa_ (1997) (Intuition)


w/ *Peggy Stern*

_ Fuschia_ (1995) Koch Jazz


w/ *Armen Donelian*

_Quartet Language_ (2003) Playscape Recordings


w/ *Misako Kano*

_Breakthrew_ (1996) King Records (Japan)

_Watch Out_ (1998) Knitting Factory Records


w/ *Corina Bartra*

_Travelogue_ (1991) Blue Spiral


_The Knitting Factory Goes to Vassar_ (1992) Knitting Factory Works


_What is Jazz?_ (1991) Knitting Factory Works


_Knitting Factory Tour of Europe_ (1991) Knitting Factory Works


_"Live" Vol. III_ (1990) A&M Records

Thomas Chapin Trio - "Insomnia"


_"Live" Vol. IV_ (1990) A&M Records

w/Ned Rothenberg Double Band


w/ *Borah Bergman*

_Inversions_ (1992) MU Works

_Toronto 1997_ (2003) Boxholder Records

free group

w/ *Machine Gun*

_Pass the Ammo_ (1992) MU Works

_Open Fire_ (1989) MU Works

_Machine Gun_ (1988) MU Works

_Real Estate - New Music from NYC_ (compilation) (1990) Ear-rational Records