"There is no end to learning, and the best of us remain students."

"Anima" is, according to Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung, the female aspect within the male personality. Thomas Chapin was aware of and interested in this idea:

“…Anima is ‘life spirit.’ In Italian the word means, ‘soul.’ It represents to me the mysterious feminine—the creative force. That’s the well that I am trying to drink from. And for me, the truly great musicians are the ones who draw from that well. I’ve always liked the shamans, the medicine men of the music. Roland Kirk, for example, he dipped heavily into the dream world. And Sun Ra, he just lives in that magic kingdom place.” -Thomas Chapin

Drummer Michael Sarin makes a first, limited appearance on this album, and subsequently he would be the permanent drummer of all succeeding Thomas Chapin Trio albums. Sarin plays drums on "Hat and Shoes," "Seeds" & cowbells, whistles & ray gun on "Little Machines."

Recorded at The Knitting Factory, NYC, December 1991, except Hat & Shoes, October 22, 1991.

Engineered by Hugo Dwyer & Bob Appel Assistant Engineer: James McClean

Photos by Lena Bertucci

ANIMA is the property of Akasha, Inc.

*included in Alive boxed set