Third Force


THIRD FORCE is the very first Thomas Chapin Trio album that was released by Knit Fac Music in NYC 1991, and includes Mario Pavone, bass and Steve Johns, drums. As of 2004, all Thomas Chapin Trio CD releases are the property of Akasha, Inc.

“The inner calling acts as third force, making the trio into the vehicle of transcendence.” -Thomas Chapin

Track Listing:

  1. song (10:14)

  2. 2 Poet O Central Park (4:49)

  3. Iddly (7:38)

  4. Tale of the Sands (8:36)

  5. Third Force (7:55)

  6. Then (1:26)

  7. Resolution 678 (8:05)

  8. Now (0:42)

  9. Boy on a Dolphin / Stairs (10:21)

  10. Eternal Eye (intro) (1:13)


  • Thomas Chapin - saxophones

  • Mario Pavone - bass

  • Steve Johns - drums


Produced by Bob Appel & Thomas Chapin

Executive Producer: Michael Dorf

Recorded live at the Hillside, Waterbury, CT on 1/19/91 except tracks 5,6 & 8 recorded live at Skidmore College on 1/18/91 and track 4 recorded live at Skidmore on 11/3/90.

Original package artwork: Front cover by Lena Bertucci; back cover photo by Catherine Ceresole; booklet collage by Thomas Chapin.

All compositions by Thomas Chapin (Peace Park Publishing / Knit Fac Music, BMI); except "Stairs" by Mario Pavone (Nauga Music, BMI)

All compositions by Thomas Chapin © Peace Park Publishing, except “Stairs” by Pavone (Nauga Music-BMI)

Recorded live at the Hillside, Waterbury, CT. on 1/19/91, except “Third Force,” “Then,” and “Now” at Skidmore College on 1/18/91, and “Tale of the Sands” live at Skidmore on 11/3/90. All tracks engineered by John Craft. Digital editing by Ted Orr at Studio Pass.

Cover photo by Lena Bertucci.


“Boy on a Dolphin” is dedicated to Gil Barretto.

"Resolution 678" was written in response to the first Gulf War 1990. Resolution 678 was the act Congress passed to go to war against Iraq who had invaded Kuwait. President George Bush, Sr. was our commander in chief.

Thanks to: Bob Appel & Michael Dorf, Robert Musso, Michael Duva, John Craft, Terri Castillo, Peter Wetherbee, Tom Hyland, Verna Gillis, Bruce Lee Gallantar, Marti Cuevas, William Krasilovsky, Hope Carr, Catherine Ceresole, Lena Bertucci, Gil Barretto & many others…

Third Force is the property of Akasha, Inc. Contact:

*included in Alive boxed set